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The Neoen Learning Hub

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The Task:

Neoen knows that to transition to 100% renewables, we need to educate the next generation. They didn't just want to make a few renewable energy themed videos, but a curriculum-aligned suite of resources that approached the broader topic of energy production and usage as well as renewable energy. Useful classroom ready resources, that teachers could use to supplement their lesson plans.

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The Solution:

Our creatives teamed up with an expert science writer to craft a series of videos, interactive games, classroom activities and quizzes, all housed in an easy-to-access website, giving teachers the choice of resources that supplement their lesson plans and teaching styles. The Learning Hub was stress tested with a panel of teachers from regional communities to ensure the content was relevant, entertaining, accessible and valuable.

Neoen Learning Hub: https://www.neoenlearning.com/

They’re professional, responsive, creative and always willing to adjust mid-stream as ideas evolve – it was a great partnership and a very successful outcome.
Lisa Stiebel - Head of Communications & Engagement

It has been a valuable tool for community engagement managers, allowing them to develop new community connections.

Page views from communities around Australia
Finalist at 2022 AADC Awards
Finalist at 2022 Clean Energy Council Awards